The Wine&Art Gallery at Il Borro opens its doors to visitors for a new exhibition, intriguingly entitled “Bacchus and Venus: the role of the female in wine history. It’s a narrative journey that meanders between two mythological figures, one of whom is seen as the cause of the other in the sphere of love.

The guiding theme of the exhibition, as always, is wine, considered to be the prelude to love.

The key figure in this new show is woman, who embodies various personalities depending on the situation. Indeed, art history allows us to see how the role of the female is not limited to a passive use of wine, but how women often conduct and direct many of the activities in which it plays a part.

The exhibition is arranged in ten different sections (The Bacchantes – Hebe, cup-bearer of the gods – The cup-bearer among men – Ariadne, the lover of wine – Wine and lovers – The spirit of domesticity – Managing high spirits – The vine is female – Divine women – Free spirits), each of which focuses on the role of women in the history of wine through the celebration of both in art, presenting a new viewpoint to reconstruct the close ties connecting the story of humankind with what might otherwise be considered a simple drink.

Visits to the Wine&Art Gallery are followed by a tour of the winery downstairs, with a tasting of Il Borro wines and can be visited every day subject to booking ( | +39 055 977053).