Care, respect and passion

For some years our company has been on a journey of profound cultural transformation. We made a commitment to respect our terrestrial ecosystem so that every product would be a real expression of our territory; each bottle, the best our land has to offer. Our respect for our land and our passion to make the best of it know no compromise. The cycle of nature and the vine, led us down the path of organic agriculture but with a vision towards biodynamic.

Agriculture and viticulture at Tenuta Il Borro are organic and the broader interpretation of that concept implies a particular way of life: to respect and improve the land.
Our system of organic cultivation aims to integrate farming and nature to ensure a more fertile soil and a better quality of product. For this reason, we rotate our crops, and follow the guiding principles of Mother Nature.

Our guiding principles are:

1) Maintain the fertility of the land;
2) Grow healthy plants that can resist disease and parasites;
3) Produce food of the highest quality.

These principles favour organic pesticides over chemical fertilizers and a bias to all-natural substances and practices to encourage the Earth’s energy. It is a return to the concept of “the strength of the land”. An agronomic system, the environmental impact of which is reduced to a minimum, in line with the best practices of sustainable farming.

Crop rotation and the use of horse manure, compost and green manure are just some of the methods that allow us to obtain the very best products from our land.