The value of time

Marked by the passing of the centuries and the events of history, surrounded by nature in this small corner of Tuscany, the cellar at Il Borro is the beating heart of our estate. The structure is of medieval origin, buried below ground level where it winds beneath the Villa Il Borro snaking through a history of winemaking.

Everything we do here is aimed at encouraging the cycle of nature, transforming a simple fruit into wine. The grapes from each vineyard are carefully selected by hand and then de-stemmed, crushed and stored in steel or wooden vats for alcoholic fermentation.

There is no special recipe just a lifetime’s experience of working with the ever-changing conditions of our raw materials. The maceration is managed to ensure the best expression in the bottle from the fruit of our vineyards and our terroir.

In the long process of maturing our wines, we use French oak barrels paying particular attention to the forest of origin, so that elevation occurs under ideal conditions for a perfect enhancement of bouquet and taste. To give greater complexity to our wines, we blend the wine after a strict tasting and selection of individual barrels.

Before leaving the cellar, a wine must be ready to tell its story to the World and to make the transition into bottles, the perfect and final compliment to a unique process.

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