Since 1993

In 1993 Ferruccio Ferragamo became the owner of Il Borro Estate where, in previous years, he had hunted and vacationed with his family and friends. From that time on major work was undertaken in the medieval hamlet which was completely restored for the purpose of enhancing the history, traditions and natural surroundings, special attention was paid to the vineyards. Today, the entire Estate is managed by two of his six children: Salvatore, CEO and Vittoria who is responsible for Il Borro’s Garden and special projects. Authenticity, respect for the environment, culture and enhancement of the local expertise are the pillars of the Estate’s sustainable philosophy which dominate each and every decision.

Love of the land, “an act of faith”

The unique features of Il Borro and of the Val d’Arno territory have been the essential motivation on the part of Ferruccio and Salvatore Ferragamo since 1995, when they devoted themselves to the rebirth of viticulture at Il Borro. Following an accurate study of the terroir new vines were planted and care of the already existing ones began according to the principles of organic agriculture. In 2011 when the agronomist and winemaker Stefano Chioccioli was taken on board the process of organic conversion began. The Estate received organic certification in 2015 after a cycle of years during which progressive elimination of chemical fertilizers and pesticides was achieved. Thus the estate became organic as well as a promoter of sustainability.

The Cellar

Of medieval origins, the historical cellar was restored but its unique features were maintained. In later years, major architectural activities led to the discovery of an underground passage, which excavated for over 300 meters now provides the ideal silence for wood ageing. The cellar’s features and design won it recognition as one of the most important designer cellars of Italy. In 2020 the cellar was further developed when new space was added for winemaking in amphora with 3 “pupitres” for production according to the classic method. In view of reaching out to the territory , the cellars are now open to the public for visits and wine tasting.

Wine and Art

To celebrate the decision to replant Il Borro’s vineyards, Ferruccio Ferragamo began collecting engravings on the subject of wine.
In 2008 special space next to the cellar was dedicated to a gallery, where the public can visit and enjoy his collection. This art and wine journey is truly unique and exalts the culture of winemaking and the myth of wine as seen through the eyes of Mantegna, Picasso, Goya, up to Warhol. The visit ends with a tasting of the Estate’s wines.