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La Birritullera

Local Ale with a golden colour, made with malted barley, organic spelt, fine hops and the “drogo” secret spices, inspired by a local medieval recipe.

La Birritullera is a light, golden beer made with organic spelt and barley cultivated in the estate of Il Borro with the addition of malted barley and fine hops. Produced by a craft brewhouse located in Valdarno, it is unpasteurized, unfiltered beer, without additives and preservatives.

The name Birritullera comes from the folk group “La Biritullera” founded in 1968 by Don Pasquale Mencattini: priest of Il Borro but also poet, painter and inventor.

In the label is represented a particular of the Duke of Hamilton, an engraving published in 1868 by Bequet, Paris. The elephant is associated to the power and dominant position. Diffused in Africa and Asia, pachiderma represents many qualities including: strength, regal power, dignity, patience, wisdom, longevity and happiness, as well as being a symbol of good luck.

Like every craft beer we suggest pouring the product directly in the glass with the following care:
– do not tilt the glass to create the foam;
– place the vertical glass in the direction of the fl ow, following the natural formation of the foam;
– serve at a temperature between 5 and 9° C.