2012 – Total exclusion of chemical products and start using horn manure

Umpteenth step towards the organic agriculture

2011 – Comes Stefano Chioccioli

Umpteenth step towards the organic agriculture

2010 – Reduction of phytopharmaceutical

The project continues towards even more natural products

2009 – Poggi Pietri Vineyard

The willingness to use different soils, induces the creation of a new vineyard

2008 – Casa al Coltro Vineyard

New target lead to wider hectares of land

2007 – First year of Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice

Another excellence of Il Borro

2007 – A new vineyard of Sangiovese

The Polissena Sottostrada vineyard was planted

2007 – The way toward the sustainable agriculture is started

Chemical fertilizers and herbicides are abolished

2007 – First launch of Lamelle ’06

The first white wine of Il Borro

2006 – First launch of Polissena ’02

The first vintage of single-grape Sangiovese is come out

2004 – The new cellar

The new section of the cellar is made, a project perfectly integrated with the historic structure and the needs of the wines

2004 – First launch of Pian di Nova ’01

Il Borro unveils its second wine

2003 – First launch of Il Borro ’99

The first vintage of Il Borro is come out, the more representative cru of the estate

1997 – The first “new” vineyard

Politi comes to life

1995 – The first studies

After careful analysis, our oenologists identifies the best land and what types of vines to plant to give life to the new vineyards of Il Borro

1993 – Ferruccio Ferragamo bought the estate

We begin to plan the revival of Il Borro