Petruna Anfora has a deep ruby-red colour. It has an intense, complex bouquet with notes of ripe red fruits and distinctive aromas deriving from the aging in terracotta amphora. It has a full-bodied flavour and well balanced tannins with a good acidity.

Petruna Anfora is produced from 100% Sangiovese grapes using only clay amphorae for making and storing the wine.

The vineyard from which this wine is produced, Casa al Coltro, has a density of 4.500 plants per hectare and it is located at approximately 350 metres above sea level.

The soil is Schistose with an optimal drainage capacity.

At the end of August the plants are pruned leaving around 1 kg of grapes on each vine.

The grapes, once they reach optimal ripeness, are harvested, destemmed and kept refrigerated overnight at 5-10°C.

They are sorted by an optical device and then pressed and decanted in large terracotta amphorae.

The must begins to ferment in the amphora while undergoing the daily practise of “follatura”, the process by which marcs are pressed down to the bottom of the amphora several times a day.

The amphorae are then sealed with stainless steel lids and left to macerate on skins for 12 months during which the interaction of terracotta, wine and skins allows a characteristic maturation that makes this wine so unique.

Petruna in Anfora is ideal with all the Tuscan dishes cooked with meat, Tuscan croutons, aged cheeses, cured meats, first and main courses with games (wild boar, chianina meat and cinta senese meat/salami).