Polissena is an act of love, a homage to Tuscany, and to one of its typical grape varieties: Sangiovese. The grape has a strong backbone but is refined and balanced. It is captivating but modest and never invasive

The vineyard from which this wine is produced, Politi, has a density of 4.500 plants per hectare. It is the highest vineyard in the “Il Borro” Estate at approximately 350 metres above sea level. The soil is Schistose which drains very well. At the end of August the plants are pruned leaving around 1 kg of grapes on each vine. The yield per hectare is 4,500 kg, equivalent to around 3,000 litres of wine. The grapes are harvested, de-stemmed and sorted by hand and then pressed and gravity-fed into vinification tanks.

On the first day of fermentation during vinification, 10 to 20% of the liquid is removed from the tanks to increase concentration. Maceration, the process by which whole grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide rich environment prior to crushing, takes about 22 days in the stainless-steel tanks at a temperature controlled 28°C.

The last stage is alcoholic fermentation which takes around 10 days on average after which the wine is decanted in to barrels. The wine is then left to mature in the casks for at least 12 months after which it is filtered and bottled. After twelve months, the wine returns to the stainless-steel vats for approximately one month and is then gently filtered, bottled and left for a further 6 months to mature in the bottle.