Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50 cl


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
50 cl

Oil has always been the uniting element between tradition and innovation, between nature and excellence, between authenticity and conviviality. At the Borro this goes hand in hand with a total respect for the Earth. We give the earth only what it really needs to produce a healthy product, without chemical contamination and one of great quality which is, above all, good.
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50 cl

Organoleptic card

Variety: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Fiorentino
Number of plants: 8000
Average altitude: 300 meters above sea level
Soil composition: sandy, silty
Pruning method: polyconical vase
Average yield in olive oil: 12-14%
Harvesting method: hand picking
Extraction method: cold-pressed in the estate’s own mill
Decantation: Filtering on cardboard

Food pairing

Perfect for the typical Tuscan bruschetta o for soup made with zolfini beans.

How to enjoy it

Tasting notes: Intense green color, full bodied, to the nose it reveals an excellent aroma, rich in floral, fruit and vegetable notes of cut grass. On the palate it confirms the aromatic notes perceived by the nose besides aromatic hints of sage and basil. In the mouth there is a possible perception of a slightly spicy hint and above all a delicate bitter hint which adds vigor to the general structure of the oil. This oil is balanced, complex and persists at length in the mouth.

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