Grappa del Borro Petit Verdot


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Grappa del Borro
Petit Verdot

This white Grappa is distilled from Petit Verdot grapes grown in the Estate's vineyards. In order to preserve the varietal aromas and characteristics, the marc is taken to our trusted distillery Nannoni immediately after being softly pressed.
“The distillation methods were developed between the VIII and VI century B.C. in Mesopotamia and rapidly applied to wine to make schnapps".
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100% Petit Verdot

Organoleptic card

Alcool: 42 %

Food pairing

To be enjoyed at the end of a meal with bitter chocolate or a good cigar. Can also be drunk alone as a liqueur during a moment of meditation.

The product

This grappa is limpid, crystalline and colorless. The nose denotes instense, clean and refined aromas of the grape variety reminiscent of the harvest scents and fresh marc with hints of honey and candied fruits. The taste is well balanced and enveloping, surprisingly elegant and complex. The aftertaste is soft and persistent, the harmony of flavours leaves the mouth in perfect balance.


This Grappa is exclusively obtained from the pomace produced on the estate from Pinot Verdot grapes. The method of distillation involves using a discontinuous method with steam, a low grade copper column and the manual cutting of head, heart and tail during each crushing.
The Grappa del Borro is obtained solely with pomace from the Petit Verdot grapes grown on the estate. A few hours after racking, the grapes are sent to Nannoni, a trusted distillery, who handles the delicate distillation phase. This grappa is obtained with a discontinuous steam method with a low grade copper column, manual cutting of the head, heart and tail during each crushing. Grappa should be tasted in the proper glass at a temperature of 18°C and after a required oxygenation of 10 minutes.

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