Vinsanto del Chianti “Occhio di Pernice” 2013


Vinsanto del Chianti
“Occhio di Pernice” 2013

Vin Santo never leaves one indifferent; mellow and deep, it whispers about the beauty of its territory. 100% Sangiovese, this wine is deeply rooted in the Tuscan culture and even today, it is produced according to the ancient dictates.
To conceive a masterpiece, will, talent and experimentation are needed. This is the way this precious daughter of the best Tuscan tradition was born. The “Partridge Eye” Vin Santo is head of the class, respected and appreciated. Its taste never leaves one indifferent; mellow and deep, it whispers about the beauty of its territory. Given the limited quantities produced, tasting is a rare and unique experience.
58.00 €


0,375 lt


100% Sangiovese

Organoleptic card

Total acidity: 5,82g/l
Residual sugar: 126g/l
Alcohol: 15%
Dry extract: 155/L

Food pairing

to be enjoyed as an accompaniment not only to desserts and dry bakery products, but also with mature cheeses or fresh plain ice-cream. It is perfect as a meditation wine, to be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by a fine cigar, possibly Tuscan.

The product

To the eye it is a vivid amber color with gold reflections. On the nose, notes of dried apricot, sultan grapes and figs with caramel, hazelnut and almond nuances. It is rather sweet, well balanced on the palate with an acidity holds well when drinking it; it has an aftertaste with references to walnut husk, honey and barley candy.


Vin Santo del Chianti "Occhio di Pernice" (100%) Sangiovese is wine deeply rooted into the culture of Tuscany. The wineries have always reserved their best grapes to produce this nectar. Even today at the Borro this wine is produced according to ancient dictates. 100% Sangiovese grapes are hand selected in September in order to obtain the best bunches. Afterwards, they are moved to a wilting room where one by one they are hung on special trellises where they will be left until mid-December. Once the required degree of wilting has been achieved, the grape is pressed in order obtain the precious must which is decanted and then poured into oak and chestnut kegs. This wine must undergo a long fermentation period and will not be ready before 5 years of ripening in wood, when it is accurately poured, decanted and bottled without filtration so as not to lose the richness of this natural wine.

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