Olive oil has always combined tradition with innovation, nature with excellence, wholesomeness with conviviality, and at Il Borro, all this is achieved in perfect harmony with the Earth.
We give the Earth only what it really needs, to obtain a healthy olive oil that is free of chemical contamination, of top quality and, above all, tasty.

Varietals: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Fiorentino
Number of trees: 8000
Average altitude: 300 m above sea level
Soil composition: Sandy, silty
Pruning method: polyconical vase
Average yield in olive oil: 12-14%
Harvesting method: hand picking
Extraction method: cold-pressed in the company’s own mill
Decantation: Filtering on cardboard


A deep green in colour, full-bodied, it offers the nose a rich aromatic bouquet abounding in floral, fruity and herbal notes, like fresh-cut grass. The aromatic notes perceived by the nose are confirmed on the palate, with the addition of aromatic hints of sage and basil. In the mouth, we may perceive a slightly sharp note and, above all, a delicate bitter note that lends backbone to the oil’s overall structure. A well-balanced, complex olive oil with a very persistent flavour.

Pairings: Perfect on toasted Tuscan bread or Zolfini bean soup.