Being a winemaker

Viticulture production

Being winemakers, men of the “earth” encourages thinking about the importance and value of agriculture and sustainable development. This implies making firm decisions which at the Borro imply extreme dedication in order to create a real benefit for the community and for future generations. In turn, this become a tangible commitment not only for agricultural activities but for each individual facet of the Borro reality. Alongside of biodynamic cultivation directly linked to the principles of sustainability there numerous other projects: the photovoltaic field, electric transportation, the upcoming creation of a biomass plant. All these make it possible to have a minor impact on the environment and this ultimately means being responsible participants in the ecosystem thus protecting and enhancing to the utmost the natural resources that are available to man. Since 2015 the Estate was granted organic certification. Managing an organic estate implies a special way of living; it means keeping a careful watch over the land and respecting it. It is a way to help the land regenerate itself, to preserve fertility and to maintain the production’s highest quality level. Exclusive use of natural fertilizers and organic pesticides to cultivate the vineyards, olive groves and honey production, an ethical eco sustainable cuisine as well as using renewable energies in the Relais & Chateaux contex: these are the fundamental principles of the Estate. The Relais structures with “zero bills” are growing and are powered with renewable energy. This is an important step towards energy autonomy with a negative carbon impact for a well-rounded wellbeing.