Vin Santo del Chianti “Occhio di Pernice”

/Vin Santo del Chianti “Occhio di Pernice”
Vin Santo del Chianti “Occhio di Pernice”2018-07-10T11:41:55+00:00

To conceive a masterpiece it takes will, talent and experimentation. This is how this precious fruit of the best Tuscan tradition is born. Vin Santo “Occhio di Pernice” is head of the class, respected and appreciated. Its taste never leaves you indifferent, mellow and deep, it whispers the beauty of its homeland. A unique taste, given by the limited quantities produced.

The grapes to produce this special wine are harvested in small boxes and transported to the natural drying area, bunch by bunch they hang on racks where they will remain for about 4 months. Once you reach the required degree of drying, the grapes are pressed for 24 hours to obtain a precious must, which is decanted before being put in small barrels made of oak and chestnut.

The wine goes through a long natural fermentation and is ready not before 3 years of aging in wood, when it is carefully decanted, and bottled without filtration to not lose any of the richness of this natural wine.