Il Borro

“Il Borro” has a deep violet color with purplish reflections. The bouquet is full and intense with notes of the underbrush and with spicy scents. The taste is dry, with good body and soft tannins which are well integrated and persistent.

Il Borro Chardonnay

Il Borro Chardonnay is proof of the company philosophy applied to a monovarietal, of the aim of obtaining the highest expression from a single grape variety by giving it the most characteristic feature of the greatest wines of Il Borro, where elegance and refinement come together with a great structure.

Alessandro Dal Borro

An exclusive wine which is a synthesis between culture and territory; it is offered in a limited and numbered edition and a special wine format.


in Amphora
Petruna renders homage to the Sangiovese winemaking culture and to its purity. In the glass it has a deep ruby-red color. The bouquet is complex with notes of ripe red fruits and aromas derived from ageing in the terracotta amphora.


Polissena is an act of love for Tuscany and its most typical vine variety: Sangiovese. It has an intense ruby-red color, the bouquet is intense with nuances of the underbrush and hints of red berry fruit.

Pian di Nova

In the glass it has an intense ruby-red colour. It has a decisive bouquet with floral notes and nuances of red berry fruit and a spicy finish. On the palate it is soft and enveloping. Pleasant to drink, Pian di Nova has a good balance which makes it a versatile wine that one never tires of drinking.


This wine tastes of conviviality: this has always been the natural vocation of Borrigiano, a frank wine which will never fail to fulfill its promise. It is the result of the ongoing will of Il Borro to experiment, thus providing the consumer with an unexpected experience.

Bolle di Borro

A Classic Method Rosé wine made with 100% Sangiovese grapes left to ripen 60 months on the yeasts. For Il Borro this wine is a new challenge to achieve excellence and the ability to unite experience and the ongoing research in the sector of viticulture.


Straw-yellow colored, Lamelle is characterized by the typical bouquet of the grape variety. On the nose it is fresh with floral and fresh yellow pulp fruit scents. The taste reflects sensations of freshness and mineral notes deriving from a well-balanced acidity and a good sapidity.


The most exuberant of our wines, of a vivacious rose colour is characterized by its bouquets. On the nose it is fresh with white floral and fresh fruit scents. The taste reflects a freshness derived from a good balance of acidity and small red fruits.

Vin Santo

The “Occhio di Pernice” Vin Santo has a taste which never leaves you indifferent; mellow and deep it whispers of the beauty of the land. This wine, 100% Sangiovese, is deeply rooted in the Tuscan culture. Even today at Il Borro, this wine is produced according to the most ancient dictates.

Grappa Riserva

The Grappa Riserva of Il Borro is exclusively made from the pomace produced of the same grapes destined to the production of Il Borro Wine grown in the estate’s vineyards. The method of distallation is artisanal, with discontinous cycle-stills and the carefull removal of ‘heads’ and ‘tails’, essential to obtain a high-quality grappa.