Distilled wines and Vin Santo


Distilled wines and Vin Santo

Beyond wine: organic distilled wine and Vin Santo

Tuscany has a long standing tradition of distilled and sweet wines such as the typical Vin Santo; Borro sets aside a part of its grapes for these products.

The Vin Santo “Partridge Eye Grapes” are entirely Sangiovese. They are gathered in crates and attached to wires to wither for approximately 60-70 days. Once the desired sugar content has been reached the grape is pressed and the deriving must is placed in chestnut or oak kegs for 5 years. After this period of time, the wine is poured, clarified and bottled.

Pomace set aside for distillation is passed on to the Bonollo distillery who under our direct and careful supervision produce our Grappa.