Value through time

The Cellar

Built in stone, the cellar is of medieval origin. It unfolds underneath the Villa Il Borro where silence helps the refining of wines. In the process of winemaking the aim is to favour the cycles of nature and to transform simple fruits into wine. The cellar was rebuilt from scratch in 2000. In 2004, the owners built an underground tunnel used as the barrique cellar for wine ripening in wood. This area also connects the new cellar to the original cellar via a highly suggestive and fascinating route.

The winemaking process

The grape harvest takes place between August and October. It is the most awaited event since it is the culmination of a year of work in the vineyard. The harvest is done entirely by hand in order to select the best grape clusters and to avoid stressing the plant in any way. The clusters are placed in 10 kg. crates to avoid excessive compression of the grapes. After the harvest, the grapes are placed in a refrigerated cell overnight at a temperature of 5° . The following day the grapes are mechanically destemmed in order to separate the berries from the stems. The berries are selected with an optic viewer, on the basis of quality criteria dictated by the enologist. From here the various processes of winemaking begin, depending on grape variety and vineyard.