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A family Legacy in wine styling

Wine, our passion

The uniqueness of wine comes from the absolute harmonization between the land and man, between nature and its being. Each man, like the land, has a precise vocation which leads him to his achievements. This is the start of a harmonious journey; a journey of fatigue, commitment and love, a journey that unfolds along the furrows of the rows of vines.
The are moments of waiting and expectation when ability and passion transform the simple fruit into the ideal drop, the moment in which man goes beyond himself and becomes the winemaker. His hands bear the signs of working the land and his commitment to each phase of production, from cultivation to winemaking, inspired by a single goal: to fill each bottle with the best that this terroir has to offer.


The Valdarno area, with its many woods, has always been characterized by the cultivation of vines and olives. This territory is absolutely valuable, and since Renaissance times has been considered ideal for the production of great wines. The production aims to achieve the highest quality through respect for the land and nature which in turns creates the perfect conditions for the birth of unique wines.

A family passion

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Wine Experiences

Il Borro opens its wine cellar for tours especially organized to offer an oenological and cultural journey into the heart of winemaking. The tour is much more than just visiting the vineyards, looking at the beautiful view and tasting the excellent wine. Thanks to an expert guide it becomes an all-encompassing total immersion: discovery of vineyards, cellar, wine, art and architecture.
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Wine & Art Gallery

Il Borro – An enduring act of faith.
Thirty years are a good time to look back and draw the new strength to move forward. As in a scrapbook of memories, the present exhibition traces through the imaginative language of ancient engravings the path that led Ferruccio Ferragamo to shift his focus from Florence to the Valdarno countryside, finding in the medieval village of Il Borro not only a buen retiro for himself and his family but an ideal place for a new idea of enterprise. Ferruccio Ferragamo bought the Estate in 1993, bringing it back to life, enhancing its history, its memories and excellence. Today Il Borro is a place where tradition and innovation live together in an organic farm and winery, dedicated to hospitality and farm-to-table dining, but always with a look towards art and collecting. As we ideally turn the pages of this story made of images, we will discover a history of passion and authenticity.
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The environment and the organic approach

Running an organic activity implies a special way of living, observing and respecting nature. The end goal is to help the earth to regenerate, to maintain fertility and to reestablish an ideal balance between nature and the human impact. The entire estate is based on the sole use of natural organic fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate the vineyards. In 2015, the estate completed its organic conversion.

The Borro wines,
tradition and a strong personality

All our wines have a strong sense of territory. Native vines such as Sangiovese are cultivated together with the international vines such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah so that our labels are the most authentic expression of Il Borro Estate.

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